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Our Hotel is close to downtown Langley BCLooking for a great Langley Hotel near the City and close to all amenities?  We're very close to Langley and a top choice destination for anyone looking for a quick getaway, an airport hotel alternative, and a quieter, picturesque setting away from the traffic and bustle of downtown Langley - yet we are so easy to get to back and forth via the Golden Ears Bridge (now toll-free), it makes us a great choice the next time you are seeking a cost-effective option for a hotel in the area.  Contact us now to book your next stay - 604-460-9859.

As you know, the Ramada brand is one that holds a very high level of accolades in the hotel industry. However, when you are looking at hotels near Langley, BC you'll see there are many choices available in the area - so why you would want to stay at our location, the Ramada Pitt Meadows Hotel, versus some of the other locations? Read on and discover  why you should select our hotel and this will make it easier for you to see we are the best hotel for all of your Langley adventures.

Proximity To The City Proper

When you are looking at some of the local Langley hotels you will notice they are located in the middle of town. While this is great for some, it can also lead to you loss of sleep from the noise of the City and crowds. With our location, we are located in close proximity to the City itself, but are also located within a short distance to the major attractions inside of the City. This allows you to enjoy the comfort of the hotel without the noise of the city with a backdrop of beautiful scenery. At the same time, you are close enough to see all of the attractions in the City. With that being the case, we will share with you some of the major attractions you would want to venture out and see from our hotel. 

Golden Ears Bridge

While this is not really an attraction it is going to be one of the best ways for you to get back and forth when you are traveling from our hotel to the City and Township of Langley proper and beyond if you continue to the USA border or into other areas of town. This is going to make it easier for you to know that the traffic jams and also tolls are typically a thing of the past, and it's going to be very easy for you to get out and see everything that you want to see when you are visiting the Langley area. The bridge replaced the old Abion ferry system that was in place for years, and has allowed the rapid flow of traffic and access like never before.  It makes considering staying at our hotel an easy choice because you can get back across into Langley very easily now and onto Highway #1.   

Fort Langley Historical Site 

This is one of those attractions you will want to go and see because it will teach you about the area and how it has changed. This historical site has served to educated countless numbers of people on the area's history and growth, and is a fun and interesting place to visit for the day.  The local town of Fort Langley has boutique shops and is a nice area to walk through, with a fantastic golf course nearby situated on the banks of the Fraser and Salmon River.

Canadian Flight Museum 

It is hard to believe that flying is only a little bit over a hundred years old. However, it is still very young if you consider everything else that has happened in civilization. When you are looking for something great that will help you explore how the flying aspect of life has changed and the impact it has made on modern life. This museum will highlight all of those aspects of changes of life, but it will also go a step further as it does have some great aircraft on display as well for you to explore and enjoy looking at.

Greater Vancouver Zoo

Not too much farther East along the #1 highway, at exit 264 to Aldergrove is the local zoo.  The best part is this is a very family friendly location as well. So this is definitely a place to go and have a chance to see some of the majestic animals you may not have seen before.

Sendall Gardens

Having an intimate place to go in the City of Langley beyond the hotels to escape the stresses of the City can be a good thing. That is exactly what you get when you visit Sendall Gardens. This is a great garden area that will have plenty for you to go out and see, but it will also have a place that you are going to love because it makes it easier for you to have a great vacation and enjoy some of the quietness that is present in the city. 

Cascades Casino 

The Cascades Casino is a place you will like because it is going to have plenty of gaming opportunities for you to enjoy games of chance. However, you will also find this is a great place for you to go and visit and enjoy great dining opportunities, gaming, and entertainment.   

As you can tell, our location is very close to Langley and by taking the Golden Ears Bridge you can easily reach anywhere in downtown Langley just as quick as if you were staying in one of the downtown hotels. The big difference is you will have our attentive staff, the lack of city traffic, and the chance to relax and enjoy your vacation without having a lot of stress from other hotels in the center of Langley.  Plus, our great dining option in Samz Neighbourhood Pub Pitt Meadows ensures you will be well taken care of if you choose to stay local for meals here at the hotel. No matter what , we are committed to making your stay with us a great one - book your next stay with us and have easy access to Langley and the surrounding areas - you'll be glad you did!  Call us at 604-460-9859 today. 

Click here to make a reservation or call us Toll Free @ 1-877-460-9859 


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